Illustrator Path Tools – Measuring a Path

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There is a this dilemma I have when drawing, sometimes I want to know how long a curved stroke is. The tools they provide in photoshop only measure width and hight, not overall length of a stroke. You’ll find this is the same in illustrator, however illustrator has a little be more. The document info window.

The document info window allows you to see various information about the elements in the work environment. What we want to concentrate on is the object view.

I’m using Illustrator  15, so I can’t remember if earlier versions have it. Illustrator 15 is CS5 if you’re wondering. Now how do you do it:

  • Draw a line or select the line you have drawn.
  • Go to “Window” -> “Document Info”
  • Then select from the context menu Objects. Refer to the image for the where abouts of the context menu.
  • You’ll see the measurement of the stroke. It will show you the units of measure which your environment is working in. Here is centimetres. This is especially helpful when going to print it.

This shows where the context menu is in the document info window

See the Paths Attribute of the objects selected. It gives the length of the path.


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Lead Generation Principles Still Work

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After all these years some of the basic principles still work in lead generation. You would think with all the new social media flying about and the ability to get in contact with someone so easy it would cause people to disregard the principles of lead generation. Yet, people are still saying no at the same rate decades on.

There was a infographic just released about how to capitalize on the web. It was conducted by James Oldroyd, PhD, and David Elkington. One of there great finds in their quest to answer the question was that timing is the key. In fact, it makes an incredible difference to the bottom line. For instance as soon as an individual submits a form, the best time to to the cold start customer into a customer is within five mins. Any longer than five minutes the success rate declines exponentially.  read on…

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Promote your Personal Posts – Ahhh what?

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First off this is insane. You have to promote your personal posts so your friends see what you post. Has Facebook gone mad! This is one of the most strangest features I have seen yet. I have around 370 friends which I thought were getting all most posts, but now maybe not. It’s not cheap either at around AUD$6.00 which is ridiculous.  read on…

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Spotify Vs Rdio Vs Mog Vs JBHIFI Now

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I’ve done a review on Rdio a little while ago, and thought I would do a review of all the services which I’ve used. We’ve had all the major players enter the market now in Australia, so I think I can do my personal view on all of them.

read on…

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Developer Evangelist – Communicator

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I just read a topic about being a developer evangelist. What a life! Deep down I think it is about PR and making people understand why your product is the best to solve what ever problem – brand awareness. This is a classic example of it’s not what you know, but how you articulate it. I reckon the key to any success in any medium is the ability to be able to communicate your idea in all forms of media. With out this no one will understand what you do or what you can do, even if it is the best thing since slice bread. read on…

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SEO The Hype and The Con


Every time I go to a industry conference or a exhibition with technology, low and behold, there is some one there trying to flog Search Engine Optimisation. Now it is not wrong to promote search engine optimisation, but I hate it when every Tom, Dick, and Harry is trying to flog you something different. A SEO illiterate person has no idea what the SEO rep is talking about and they end up getting conned.

When these guys or girls approach me about SEO I always ask them what they do, and they come back with an answer like, “We use sophisticated algorithms and methods to place you on the front page”. I think, Okay you haven’t told me anything yet except magic exists, and you hold the wand to will it. You probe a bit more and then you realise all they do is setup a adword account on your behalf and get you to pay them a fee so they can manage your ad campaigns. It’s good business for them I guess, but the average Joe is not really getting organic rank. Poor Joe… read on…

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Rdio a listening past time

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I sit in front of my computer a lot, and I mean a lot. I’m a massive fan of music of all genres and will lend a ear to any song before I make a judgement about it. When I found out that Rdio, the music streaming service, was available in Australia I jumped on it. I thought i could listen to the top 40 while working, or build my own playlists and listen to the radio stations all day long, and that is exactly what I do.  read on…

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Remove ^M or funny characters at the end of line


Just thought I would type this up quickly.

Now and then when I’m working with a CSV which has been passed to me by a colleague I have a problem with the end of line character. If they do it on a Windows based machine I get ^M at the end, which is no use to me if I want to read line by line.

There are couple of ways to do it, but I’m going to give you the quickest way. It is with vim!

Open up your document with the funny end of line character ^M. In command mode in vim, press ESC to get into it. type:


Now this is not just shift 6 to get the carat. You have type type Control+V and Control+M. The reason for this the Control+V is the control representation.

When you type this you will end up with this


The \r represents a carriage return as \n doesn’t work on all machines. The carriage return represents the character when someone hits the return or enter key.


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Headphone Review – beats by Dr. Dre Vs Bose QuiteComfort Vs Sennheiser HD 650

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I look around and every day I see people wearing head phones more and more. Not the in ear ones, but the ear cuff ones. The ones which mean people are serious about listening to music. I thought I would put together a headphone review on the three headphones.

I listen to music a heck of a lot. When I’m working I’m listening, when I’m relaxing I’m listening, when I’m exercising I’m listening, and as I type this I’m listening. I’ve gone through quite a few head phones, and like most of the stuff I buy, which I’m going to use a lot, money is not an option. I have owned all three of these brands and I can tell you I’ve used them for hundreds of hours each.

I’m not a DJ, studio producer, or anything like that I’m a guy who likes his music – good crystal clear music. I love clarity in music and enjoy the resonance you get from the bass. When someone asks me how I like my music I always refer back to the Sgt. Slick Song “White Treble, Black Base”. Head phones for me need this, and you only get this from really good quality, and usually expensive, head phones. read on…

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Google Hang Outs just got even more collaborative

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I love anything collaborative, so when I saw this I had to mention it. Google Hang Outs just got a great feature where you can collaborate with others in real time on a document. According to Google Staff:

Today, we’re introducing the graduation of Google Docs from Hangouts with extras to the core Hangouts experience for all users. Just click the “Docs” button in your hangout and collaborate and edit live with people face to face to face. /via +Robin Schriebman
As mentioned by Robin, you can open up while with others to talk about it, or even make changes on the fly. This type of collaboration is similar to the former Google Wave product, where you could collaborate in real type by sharing a white board tool to post various items for brain storming. This will be a great feature and it will allow people who are geographical distributed to come together to brain storm on various elements on the document, and also try out various elements within the document structure to see how the rest of the team like it.
Google Docs has come a long way from where it first originated from, and this feature shows it is continuing to bridge the gap between online and offline desktop publishing. I only wish I had something like this when I was doing team work for my Undergrad!
Great work!



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